Cummins losing coolant no leaks

cummins losing coolant no leaks I have a question for all you Titan experts. May 30 2018 A radiator or cooling system pressure test is useful when finding a radiator leak or a blown head gasket. Jul 27 2015 I would like to try one of those sealers such as Dike Conklin since I see this seep seems to be a common 855 Cummins problem and this is the bandaid fix as long as no coolant is entering the oil. Apr 28 2017 Hey guys i have a 16 2500 with 30k miles on it now. Sep 28 2017 Chrysler is recalling Ram trucks equipped with Cummins 6. None ever seem low on fluid Took my truck to the dealer this morning for a strong coolant smell and slowly losing coolant with no visible leaks. my jeep would only leak at random times and only a tiny bit. The car runs 100 and its paid for My problem is I seem to be losing coolant at the rate of about the entire overflow in 2 weeks I only drive on avg 15 20 miles a day . Clean Spark Plugs. Finally took took it to a third dealer and they agreed agreed the EGR cooler was bad. be XKBk9ntork8 I cant find mine either. I thought maybe it was the water pump gasket but after a closer look Jul 24 2017 Coolant leak just the start intake manifold carbons up burns hole in it 3700. The car s coolant system works by circulating The manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines supplies the horsepower to PACCAR Volvo Trucks Daimler Trucks and MAN in North America. 7L Cummins suffer from a lack of coolant flow and therefore experience the highest coolant temperatures. They all have the coolant smell. You would need about 16 oz. So going to pick up a rental tomorrow evening and hopefully will have a truck so I can pull my boat as this time of year is incredible fishing around these parts. Dec 22 2017 I have a 2001 Cummins 330 ISC. Coolant temperature sensor 7. 0 Liter Power Stroke diesel engine was used in 2003 2007 Ford Super Duty trucks and 2003 2010 Ford E Series vans chassis cabs is a 32 valve pushrod V8. Aug 04 2017 The first generation 6BT 5. Again this is yet another bad internal leak. The verdict is a leak at a freeze plug. I 39 ve just put in about 5L to top the Rad top tank and over flow back up to full. Jan 12 2016 The thermostat itself isn t stuck in any one position but it will still produce false readings and cause issues with coolant regulation. I am currently driving a 98 Buick with the 3. my guess was what ever leaked from removing the stock components absorbed Dec 27 2017 I have a 2001 330 ISC CUMMINS I m losing coolant. I have a 2008 Monaco Diplomat 400Hp Cummins motor with 64K miles. 3 ISC cummins is loosing coolant but there is no trace under the coach where we park it. Here s what I have going on. 1. So Engine coolant leaks can happen anywhere in the cooling system. You may have a coolant leak into the crankcase. 9 6. A repair to a cracked engine block or head gasket is an expensive repair. View online or download Cummins B5. 7. Based on your description you would be a good candidate for the BlueDevil Pour N Go Head Gasket Sealer. 9 Series Pdf User Manuals. Slowly loosing No obvious leaks around the head but could be slightly masked parked outside . Of course they also might sound disastrous. LF9691 External leaks External leaks o n the freshwater side may eventually create enough loss of coolant to create an overheating situation. The coach went through 2 gallons of antifreeze in about 15 miles when the sensor went off and we pulled over no overheating . I took the truck for a test drive as I graphed the data with my Snap on Modis. About 2500 miles ago I replaced the injector cups. Excluded water heater from circuit. 0L ISX Diesel Engines. Coolant Leaks Around Thermostat Housing or Under Vehicle. I bled the line I assume well enough . Coolant system problems freezing temps 2 Answers. Coolant can leak from the reservoir or from the hoses in 2015 2500s with the 6. I think this one I had a customer tell me that his did the same thing and it was leaking coolant into his oil. Jul 09 2015 This article applies to the Dodge Ram 2nd 3rd and 4th Generation 1994 Present . The video above shows you where the coolant reservoir hoses and connections on your 2015 2500 Laramie are located and the steps needed to fix minor leaks. DoItYourself. Sep 18 2012 Throttled back and temp dropped back to normal. You may not notice the difference at first thinking that your tank is full. My engine is a 383. No smoke from the tailpipe after about 10 seconds of cranking means no fuel is getting into the cylinders. 7L Cummins Diesel Filter Set Mopar OEM A week after install I had to make a 3000 mile trip no failure no leaks. Wayne I cried because I had no shoes till I met a nbsp Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Caution on 1997 2017 Cummins 15. My T is losing coolant like crazy. Each time I add 1 8th or 1 10th of a gallon. My problem is I have an aftermarket coolant filter and I can 39 t permanently bypass it because I am still running the green coolant. The head gasket on a 855 or N 14 does not seal the coolant from coming from out under the liner to the out side of the block. Added a AlumAseal powder. The oil dipstick rarely shows any usage as in this round trip of 1 400 miles but I 39 m losing coolant. Featuring a direct fit design Cummins OE parts ensure that your engine maintains factory running conditions. Other causes of white smoke include lack of compression or water coolant entering the combustion chamber. Some intake manifold gaskets also seal engine coolant and if the gasket wears out it may lead to a coolant leak. there are no leaks and no other issues with the engine. There 39 s no visible sign of a leak but my coolant resevoir glass shows I need to add. BLUE SMOKE Feb 02 2015 Also don 39 t rule out several small leaks here and there. The cost to repair a coolant leak can vary depending on what exactly is leaking and where it is le Repairing a coolant leak is essential for preventing major engine damage. Oil and coolant keep clean. 3 Cummins losing power. it s over heating coolant was low topped off but like it stay at the same coolant level but while driving turn on heater n it seems to cool the car 5 External leaks. leak. 7L Weldless Dual Radiator Coolant Y Pipe Radiator Amazon. Gone again. 3 ISC cummins is loosing coolant but there is no trace under the Heaven forbid but could be a head gasket leaking antifreeze nbsp Pull the head and it is either a grommet leaking or as you said a liner leak. Dealer keeps the truck for over a week and determines that there was just an air pocket in my cooling system. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. near Quartsite I started checking to find out where the leak was and found it coming out what looks like between the head and block on the back of the engine toward the front of the coach I think a blown See full list on doityourself. It has made significant improvements over the years to become one of the world s largest manufacturers of diesel engines. S. 7L Turbo Diesel engines whose water pumps may leak coolant posing a fire risk. Bore is 3. Caution hold at 5 psi if there are no leaks present. The truck runs like a champ just clicked 65k on the way into the office today and I am completely baffled as to where it went is going. 21 Jan 2013 MY 2000 8. Jun 27 2017 Unfortunately if it really is coolant you have either a leak in your intake manifold gasket or worse a blown head gasket or cracked cylinder head. Add following previous maintenance coolant as required and check activities. it eventually stopped leaking. No visible leaks no water in oil no white smoke from exhaust. All measurements were done 24 hours after use. Commerceandculturestock Getty Images Coolant leaks are a precursor to a major engine problem and fixing them should be high priority. 2020 F Coolant leaks are often the cause when a car s engine overheats. Oct 31 2003 Coolant Leak Have QSM11 with 200 hours on it. now I have steam that comes out after it sits 10 to 15 min when hot if it sits over night it will blow it all out from what got in it over night so it made things worse now its I am on my second full year of ownership of a 390 sundancer. Coolant leaks are serious business. I got a 2016 2500 about a month ago. I changed the cap and it improved but still causes a mist behind the coach. 6 Excessive Coolant Loss Adequate coolant was not added Check the coolant level. It has the original single o ring design which I am replacing in the next week. Pressure cap seems OK. 7 Cummins and it is leaking coolant but I can t find the leak. No puddles under the car at all. Sep 27 2017 After about 40 hours I noticed the coolant level had gone down around 2 inches in the reservoir. Hey Guys its been a long time. I used this for the coolant leak I have in my head driver side cylinder 3 no it would only leak a little I would have to fill my reserve every 1000 miles after I used this I heard nothing but good about this stuff . Nov 20 2012 The engine is leaking coolant. For the Cummins N14 the minimum pressure rating for the cap is 7psi. Still no visible leaks. Cummins B Series Well I went 3k on the oil and there was no sign of coolant in the oil. This is the least serious of the problems addressed. IGOTACUMMINS is an online forum and community for all Cummins Turbo Diesel enthusiasts. If system will not hold 5 If you suspect the adapter seal is leaking or the locking radiator cap on top of the Coolant. I was losing upwards of a litre a day with no signs of leakage except the odd time the overflow bottle with vacate a bunch of coolant to the ground. Engine is a 8. 4 have no pressurised oil running through them and don t allow oil into the coolant. 00 A month later fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump in tank problem 2500. from New Brunswick. All information is provided AS IS. Theres nothing Other than oil showing up on the dip stick and nothing under the oil cap and the levels haven 39 t The VT365 also known as the 6. 6 and have a 2016 3509 with 6. When you get a crack in the block or the intake gasket you will leak coolant and oil usually slowly at first. p. Sep 03 2017 There should be no coolant between the O rings. There isn 39 t any white smoke. Exhaust If the head gasket on the vehicle has weakened or burned it can crack or blow open a water jacket that sits in proximity to the top of the combustion chamber. Well I finally found my coolant leak. 3 in a white 6195 4950 hours. Other Items from CUMMINS PRODUCTS Dieselsite Turbo Boost Leak Detector 4 quot Find Those Hidden Boost Leaks 1998. Changed hose clamp and coolant leak stopped. Pressure test the coolant system and keep a very close eye on the oil. Coolant loss started about then coincidence No signs of external leaks on engine. Sep 16 2019 Chrome Data makes no guarantee or warranty either expressed or implied including without limitation any warranty of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose with respect to the data presented here. The manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines supplies the horsepower to PACCAR Volvo Trucks Daimler Trucks Ford and MAN in North America. 9l it looses about 1gal. 7 Cummins. 2 Aug 2019 PRODUCTION DATES CUMMINS ISX Technical Service Bulletin Technical Inspection for fuel or coolant leakage past injector sleeve seal should only or parts warranty coverage is found to have leaking injector sleeves the Reload document Open in new tab Download 114. If you don 39 t have enough coolant in there to do the job heat will build up and your engine will overheat. 7L Coolant Filtration System Prevent Water Pump Failure with the DIESELSITE Coolant Filter Installation Kit the coolant inlet at the bottom front of the block where the main return hose and heater hose attach is leaking possibly cracked called them on Friday when i spotted the leak they where supposed to come yesterday hoping the repair will not be too expensive will upload a picture soon as i get it off my phone camera I know it is spewing because I can see the white residue on one of the batteries or sometimes I can see coolant. I marked it to monitor and it is continuing to go down. now I have steam that comes out after it sits 10 to 15 min when hot if it sits over night it will blow it all out from what got in it over night so it made things worse now its Upon return from NM took it back to dealer having added 2 full gallons of coolant in the meantime. 8. Depending on the type of antifreeze used in your car coola A coolant reservoir is a dual purpose component. A word of caution here this cap is a special tool made by Cummins specifically for this test. BLACK SMOKE. Diagnosis is an EGR cooler on national backorder for 3 to 4 weeks. Bubbles Not Visible If there are symptoms of sucking air indicated by engine loping rough running performance power loss etc. My machanic says there s no leaks. Remove the nbsp Its not leaking into the oil from what I can tell and can not find any on the ground I HAVE No White smoke coming out of the stack. The Cummins 4954905 Coolant Temperature Sensor is an OEM replacement component that keeps your 1998. No external leaks. Now I 39 m losing coolant like crazy. 2007 Dodge 3500 6. A blown head gasket will result in coolant leaks engine overheating a severe loss of power and the previously mentioned exhaust coloring. The ratio is very important to each engine. I would test it and there would be no leak but the coolant would somehow escape somewhere. A ridiculous amount of foam comes out and can take up to half an hour to dissolve once engine is shut down. For the Cummins engine I start with the first cylinder and remove the hard line between the fuel rail and injector. Intake Manifold Gasket. Radiator cap leaks. But things are not as complicated as they appear to be. I also checked out a Ford 3500 and found it sound and have pressure tested several radiator caps. Discussion in 39 Ram Trucks 39 started by cmo18 Dec 14 2010. No weeping or signs of leaks anywhere. I have a 2016 Chevy 2500 Duramax with 65 000 miles. read more An internal leak could be caused by a leak in the head or block or perhaps a leaky head gasket which lets the coolant escape its system. coolant loss internal or external sometimes hard to find. I am ordering parts for my after coolers now and would like to address this issue now. Below the bottom one is the tank. Replace the thermostat and make sure it comes with a replacement gasket. But the only 2 symptoms are loss of coolant and the occasional billowing vapor cloud exhaust that smells like the sweet smell of burning coolant. Where is the water going. It recently started losing a very small amount of antifreeze just enough to make the Add Coolant light come on. The car runs 100 and its paid for My problem is I seem to be losing coolant at the rate of about the entire overflow in 2 weeks I only drive on avg 15 20 miles a day . that crusty white stuff . I have been smelling antifreeze for a long time over a year. The problem is I have no leaks. But it has been suck a slow leak and I do carry a gal of distilled water with me. A poorly maintained antifreeze system defective components or a rapid change is the driving style may contribute to this coolant disappearing. 3 External Leak. It had been at the dealer since mid May. In the forum you will find an informative tech area a place for Member s journals Vendors with special Members pricing and more You may also have coolant loss as a result of a head gasket leak between the coolant jacket and a cylinder. Jan 21 2009 I have a 2007 volvo 780 with a cummins isx. Those Swedes build some weird stuff. There is not an external leak anymore it previously had a leak at the coolant filter filter valve o rings and then the fill cap on the surge tank. My machanic pressure checked the system and can t find a leak. Nov 29 2015 2000 N14 cummins loosing coolant runs great no overheat no mixing of any fluids will loose coolant fast 1 gallon in a few hours. Valve seals crankcase ventilation system etc. Technicians are The front bank is for cylinders No. Coolant leaks can be as basic as a loose clamp and as complex as a leaking heater core. ECT The ECT sensor is a thermistor type sensor that is used to detect engine coolant temperature. An external leak is the type of leak which is most easily diagnosed. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible Dodge Ram 6. 9 Series Service Manual Installation Manual Operation And Maintenance Manual I currently trying to diagnose a bit of a coolant loss problem that I 39 ve just noticed. 3 ltr. com founded in 1995 is the leading independent home improvement and repair website. 7 with losing coolant 60 000km. I have checked for external leaks and found none oil level is not over full trans oil looks red and is not over full hav Jun 18 2013 Problem is it probably won 39 t do it unless under a load unless it has been leaking for a little while. It provides the extra coolant the radiator and cooling system need in the event of a leak and prevents overheating. We had to There was no oil in the radiator and there was no antifreeze in the oil. Dec 14 2010 Stupid coolant leak where are you 06 5. The engine runs smooth and has no power loss. Well if there s no coolant getting in the oil it s likely not a blown head gasket. approximantly 6 to 8 ounces The coolant loss looks like it comes from the head to block joint with a trail of coolant coming down the block on the stb side. Cummins Incorporated produces various types of diesel engines that have a wide variety of uses. Jul 13 2017 An external oil or coolant leak at the seam between the engine block and cylinder head is a sign that you have a head gasket failure or a cracked block. Maybe added 1 2 gal plus over time. I noticed Does this sound like cylinder liners are leaking Is there any Re Cummins sucking coolant. May 30 2014 Tech rout sends stock market to its biggest loss since June When there 39 s white smoke check first for coolant leak. What gets nbsp Leaking engine cylinder head gasket Coolant passes into the cylinders or the Operating engine having a pressurised cooling system without a pressure cap nbsp Buy XDP 6. In the fleet here there is a 2008 Peterbilt 388 with a Cummins ISX that is losing coolant at about a gallon a day around 350miles . Both said it was within spec even thought the Antifreeze odor was very obvious when I took the truck in. it runs great but each time we get ready to go any where with it it 39 s is low on coolant. Mystery loss of engine coolant on QSC Would like to present a challenge for any of the experts online. The Fix Repair or replace the oil cooler. Contact an Authorized Cummins Repair Facility. Truck is still running fine but coolant is just disappearing doh I 39 m going to pray that it is the oil cooler over heating the coolant and blowing it out the cap but with Running totally stock I have no problem adding 80 HP triggers the coolant loss or when pulling a small trailer 5k 7k totally stock I can smell the obvious signs of coolant leaking. The SBI Technical considered anytime a fuel or coolant loss is being observed. The Bars Stop Leak Oil deals efficiently with all stubborn leaks in a short period. Aug 03 2020 Losing Coolant But No Leak Where Is My Coolant Going It may sound ghostly if you think of coolant loss no visible leak. Coolant leaks can be very damaging as they reduce the coolant level lower coolant pressure and lead to air entrapment in the system that can lead to engine overheating lower MPG and increased emissions and corrosion says Colin Dilley vice president of technology for Prestone. I had checked coolant a week prior and it was full. Everything is completely dry where I can see. Pressure test conducted on cooling system did not loose an ounce overnight. Website The cooling system in your car is vital to the proper functioning of the car s engine. 00 got truck back engine very noisy I was able to get rid of the truck only lost a few thousand dollars . On disassembly check for cracks and cylinder head warping. This may not manifest itself as an immediate problem other than causing a mess but if the coolant or oil levels are allowed to drop too far it can lead to serious engine issues. Above the top one is the pressure relief valve. Peak firing pressure combustion pressure is what lifts the head. This part is made from quality materials and is built to last. 1. The head gasket seal compression inside of the Aug 11 2017 COOLANT SMELL no coolant leaks. Thank you for asking about your BMW 525i. The consensus was that it was losing it thru the EGR cooler. The combustion ring could be blown and as the 2. deleted back in early December had about 20k miles on it. I have been told it is a slow leak from the intake gasket. Next step is to use a dye and see if it comes out the exhaust. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. The cooling system in your car is vital to the proper functioning of the car s engine and sometimes coolant leaks can toy with your car s efficiency and effectiveness. Some oil coolers circulate oil inside a chamber that is filled with coolant. The engine has recently started foaming up the coolant we use fleetguard rust inhibitor and rainwater out of the radiator cap and over the bonnet after approx 15min of operation. If the oil gets into the coolant you tend to get a rather nasty looking emulsion in a hurry as the water pump beats the oil into the water. I have a 96 mercury Sable no leaks on the ground no milky substance but there was a Lil white smoke not much after starting up after sitting for a couple months but cleared up no smoke at all now but after driving the car for 15 to 20 min. If your car has the rear heater AC you could easily lose coolant it the rear heater core or in the tubing and hoses to it and not notice. Took it to Cummins MidSouth and the replaced the EGR cooler and pressure tested it and its not loosing pressure after an overnight test. Thank in advance for the Help. The thing is the temperature gauge shows that everything is normal and smooth sailing which tells me that there 39 s probably coolant in the radiator Oct 27 2010 I was told by my Cummins rep to make sure we bleed the air out of the EGR cooler to keep from burning out the cooler and getting coolant into the engine. 3 in my diesel pusher motor home that loses 1 gallon of coolant every 200 300 miles. Next morning drove to the dealership got some of their OEM coolant took 2 3 gallon and the temp never budged afterwards. 74 in Hello Gentleman Ever since I purchased my car I have been experiencing coolant loss. for your vehicle. The coolant is sealed inside of the block under the liner by a press steel to steel fit at the side and under the liner flange. 7 own a 2015 Grand Cherokee with 3. It is a known problem with the 6. Cummins Fleetguard FLEETCOOL EX is an ethylene glycol premix 50 50 coolant which is pink in color. Try some cheap fixes first. Aug 15 2007 The customer 39 s complaint is that they go through 3 gallons of coolant at a time. Duramax Losing Coolant. The coolant is moved from the engine to the radiator where it is exposed to air through the vents in the radiator. it turned out to be the water pump and when backing up the fan would pull coolant our of the weep hole or something. At 15 PSI pressure your coolant cap could be leaking slightly. 4. 5 2011 Dodge Cummins 5. Yard mechanic refilled and pressurized the system no leaks found no coolant in bilge none in the oil. cummins antifreeze leak. Overtime these 53 Blocks are susceptible to cracking causing coolant leaks. But my coolant level in overflow never goes up when hot. Black smoke indicates excess fuel is being injected into the combustion chamber and or not enough air is present. Another update. I started truck in freezing temps 4 2 weeks ago noticed a coolant leak. It was just leaking out the side between the head and the block on the right side between 5 and 6 just a little for two months. And previously I took off the engine plastic cover underneath. Print. Like every car they come with their share of problems. Check the aftercooler and its connections if equipped . If you are seeing the telltale signs of a coolant leak in the form of small puddles of antifreeze on your garage floor don 39 t ignore it. also no coolant in oil No drips no smoke steam. 7 Loosing coolant water at this point about a gallon per day. I have no noticeable water in my oil not do I have any diesel in the coolant. 7L Cummins on the road. A car s coolant helps to keep the engine from overheating. 9 Cummins. My upper radiator hose I had no heat and radiator was about 1 1 2 gallon 39 s low. Any help is It s an important question. No codes. I like your idea of trying to fill it with the mixing elbow off to isolate the source. Coolant loss or coolant is leaking When trying to isolate the source of the coolant loss these areas should also be checked. 4. Mar 27 2019 I got a 2018 f 350 6. Nov 15 2018 I m having an issue with losing coolant on a cummins 6bta. The cracks Sep 24 2018 Leaking oil to water cooler. I have a small coolant leak just drops at a time and not enough to drop my coolant levels any in less than a week or two that I can 39 t seem to track down. If a head gasket has failed between the waterway or oilway and the outside of the engine the result can be a simple coolant or oil leak. My cooler failed and pushed coolant into other parts of the engine. A more mysterious coolant loss problem involves no evidence at all of leaks or puddles yet shows a definite reduction in radiator coolant levels. Sometimes a leak in the oil line inside this chamber can cause oil to leach into your cooling system. I am sending off the oil to Blackstone today so that will be the tell all. Customer has come by 3 times to have coolant top up about 6 litres each time good customer who takes care of his trucks. Once your turbo has reached this stage you should really be looking for a replacement. It doesn t demand a lot of expertise to use and it relieves you of all your worries about how an engine leak can be solved. They changed and now no odor or coolant loss. coolant loss started about then coincidence Nov 09 2010 cummins engine leaking coolant from engine block crack Losing coolant from passenger side of the block slowly and had to add coolant due to loss is there a temporary fix to stop the coolant from leaking for the mean time there is a crack in the block a a trail of coolant can be seen slowly coming out as engine heats up. 5 2018 Dodge 5. 1 through 3 If the fuel passages are leaking the cylinder head must be replaced. Increased Coolant Flow Decreased Coolant Temperatures The rear cylinders on the 5. A few weeks ago I got this truck with the same complaint. It runs smooth no stuttering or skipping. can see steam coming from blow by and oil fill tube. Cummins 350 h. Fortunately Nine out of 10 times engine coolant leaks are easy to find. of coolant every 100 miles. Coolant Loss If the coolant level continues to drop but there are no signs of coolant leaks on the ground or from the exhaust pipe there is a good chance the coolant is leaking into the crankcase and mixing with the engine oil. I have noticed no other leaks other than the ac condensation. Here s what drivers should know about the various types of engine coolants. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Check Engine Oil Level. No one in my area Had a simple wrench turner change my leaking water pump. I notice it running down the passenger side of the block water pump. Recently I noticed that coolant is leaking. Dam is nbsp 29 Nov 2015 with the amount of coolant loss i should see it right i bought this motor as a long block 2 years ago and its been a problem child. Messages 815. Apr 30 2014 I put a piece of cardboard under the car for 30 minutes and there was no leak. No puddles and no visible leaks in the engine compartment or anywhere else. If you are losing more than a gallon of coolant per day you have more I searched from front to back no leaks anywhere radiator cap tests good nbsp . When we had the repairs done we found out Cummins stopped making parts for that cooler. Next I place the cap on the fuel rail where the fuel line was. Over the past several months the coolant level in the resevoir has slowly dwindled. Another symptom of a faulty intake manifold gasket is coolant leaks. Runs fine but I loose 1 2 gallon of coolant in about 2 000 miles. The engine is pretty much covered in the usual diesel oil seepage. No drops on the ground I went through every single thread regarding coolant smell issues and the plenum problems. No other visible signs of leak. Good luck friend. He advised the use of a coolant dam to suck the coolant back in through the radiator drain to make sure all the air was out of the system. No visible leak anywhere and believe me I have searched everything . I ve noticed a small loss of coolant on the expansion bottle with no visible leaks oil clean without any moisture. famil read more MY 2000 8. Three weeks ago it went when I got home there was steam coming up from under the hood. The oil level as measured by the dipstick will appear higher than it normally is and it may also appear frothy or oddly colored. 8 V6 and 120 000 on the clock. Sent from my May 19 2010 Q I have a 2002 Olds Alero with the V6 engine. There were no noticeable power or performance issues under light load. cmo18 Senior Member. Your engine 39 s cooling system relies on coolant to circulate and remove heat from the engine. I have a 2006 36 Tiara Sovran with twin Cummins QSC 490 HP engines that are rated at 2500 RPM. Coolant leaks. need advise John Evans 22. I have to add antifreeze about every three days about 1 gal . I can 39 t find any leaks no increse in oil level no water in air tanks. Apr 16 2016 The amount of coolant was probably about 8 ounces. It 39 s not coming from the overflow cap and my dealer has ruled out the head gaskets leaking. Check the radiator cap. Coolant also moves from the car s engine to the he The cost to repair a coolant leak can vary depending on what exactly is leaking and where it is leaking from. This allows for the exchange of heat between the two systems. Nov 23 2013 So i just bought this 2010KW with an ISX550 engine and the peterbilt dealer where i bought it has been chasing a coolant loss problem for three weeks. dad had a n14 that had a similar leak coming from same relative area and a guy said it should not be because there is no coolant passages Nov 10 2007 I have bench tested both the manifold and the turbo with no leaks but not under any pressure yet. Usually filled to one third of it s capacity the coolant reservoir provides storage for coolant when the radiator purges coolant as it Cummins 8. Peterbilt tested the Apr 22 2017 Perhaps the most notorious Cummins failure on the books is when a VP44 bites the dust. 9L 6. Upon return from NM took it back to dealer having added 2 full gallons of coolant in the meantime. Coolant fill lines and cooling hoses. Replace the radiator cap. My dealer has check all of them and no leaks. engine is not overheating Apr 28 2017 Hey guys i have a 16 2500 with 30k miles on it now. My 6bta cpl 1928 leaks coolant. Cummins. engine is not overheating Jun 04 2017 I ve had a 2015 RAM 1500 Sport with 5. I installed the EGR Full Delete and found coolant in the EGR tube as well as the port going to the turbo. Purge and refill. We opened the hatch in the bedroom and couldn 39 t see anything. A turbocharger will make good and bad noises but with regards to the bad noise it is best described as a police siren. 3 Check the Coolant Mixture Consistency The cooling system doesn t just consist of coolant but a mixture of coolant anti freeze and water. 700 Miles if towing in July heat also. The air cools the coolant down before it enters the hot engine once more. I did find slight leaks coming from the coolant hoses. Excessive use of coolant fuel or lubricating oil. What does that plate do beside hold the oil filter I 39 m hoping it 39 s just a gasket and nothing major. Could you merely be seeing condensation not coolant Aug 31 2017 COOLANT SMELL no coolant leaks. I can 39 t see any coolant leaks. I have a 2016 ram 6. it never over heats and has been press tested but can find no leaks and no smoke from exhaust. May 17 2020 2015 Passat losing coolant no visible leaks update probably water pump My wife drove my car from Flagstaff to Tucson on Friday to visit family. Note Some dipsticks have dual markings with high and low level marks static oil marks on one side engine running at low idle speed marks on opposite side. leaking oil out of nbsp If your engine experiences a loss of coolant but there is no visible leak it could mean a leaking head gasket. No noticeable coolant smell. share. He claimed this happens a lot on buses. 9L 6. Marine Diesel Engines. Submitted 4 years ago. In the forum you will find an informative tech area a place for Member s journals Vendors with special Members pricing and more Aug 21 2018 1999 Monaco diplomat with cummins iso 5. Jul 04 2020 We have a Komatsu 85 18 bulldozer with a cummins 855 engine. I was definitely losing some as I had to top it off twice in only 6000 miles. There is only one spot I have found coolant and that is on the passenger side coil just under the overflow bottle. 7 Cummins Injectors No or low fuel supply should be 10 15 PSI at idle to the high pressure CP3 injection pump. I think some others have even had the EGR cooler replaced under the warranty. I 39 m starting to believe it 39 s just the smell of this coolant is stronger than most and what we 39 re smelling is the scent coming out of the vent in the overflow bottle. No evidence of coolant in the oil. Now it 39 s losing more coolant. Mar 2006 nbsp 12 Mar 2018 If it has gone down the coolant is either leaking or being burned. No loss in fuel milage. May 19 2018 Engine is starting and running fine no smoke at all not even at start up cruising in Med so it s quite warm outside . Nov 09 2010 cummins engine leaking coolant from engine block crack Losing coolant from passenger side of the block slowly and had to add coolant due to loss is there a temporary fix to stop the coolant from leaking for the mean time there is a crack in the block a a trail of coolant can be seen slowly coming out as engine heats up. Took it to the dealership and they did a pressure test no pressure loss and no visable leaks. This can cause excessive pressure to build in the cooling system especially the rear of the block and blow out freeze plugs externally or the 6. Be sure to use the proper scale. 2 Aftercooler leaking 3 Lubricating oil cooler leaking 4 Cylinder head gasket leacking 5 Cylinder head cracked or porous 6 Injector sleeves not seated or damaged Jun 23 2018 Low Coolant . 9l cummins. Aug 09 2019 2. Volvo uses a kind of face o ring seal in some areas such as the connections to the sleeper heater core and they leak frequently. He said But no it 39 s not just you having problems with it There are no noticable external leaks so it looks like bad news somewhere. I suspect it 39 s blowing through the overflow radiator cap. Why Engine coolant ma When coolant leaks it can create all sorts of problems for the car owner. This would result in coolant being expelled form the exhaust albeit in a very small quantity If you tow a toad see if there is a film on the vehicle. 9L 12V engine was produced from 1988 1998 and had no casting issues with the block or head. A blown head gasket in a diesel engine causes coolant leaks which can cause no small amount of problems to begin with but left unchecked can ultimately lead to engine failure. My mechanic recommended that I get the leak Cummins QSM Series Coolant Leak Garth Paterson 8 08 Apr 05 Original Post 31 Oct 03 Have QSM11 with 200 hours on it. I battled with two separate dealers who both pressure tested my truck. I am filling the expansion tank after every trip roughly 6 to 10 hours of run time . I fill it up in the morning and the next morning it will be empty. Coolant can be spotted in plain sight. No dripping. Dec 01 2014 This is the order that Cummins recommends tracking down the symptom of internal coolant leakage in the 855 1 air compressor cylinder head cracked porous or gasket leaking . So I noticed my coolant levels dropping very quickly. This lead to some of the confusion. Picked up my truck July 3. Injector high pressure connector tube feed tube not seated in injector bad tube or improper torque final 42 ft lbs May 25 2017 Follow the engine operations manual to the letter. Can you I called Cummins and they claim that the engine is no longer under warrantee. email. James Hoffman Page 89 Excessive Coolant Loss Refill with correct mixture of antifreeze and water per the instructions in Section 6 Mainte nance. Another indication may be leaking coolant which can occur when the thermostat does not allow coolant to flow when stuck in the closed position Your timing cover gasket might be hiding a secret and that secret is that it s leaking. Jul 30 2019 Other than a loss of power the noise in which a turbo will make will give you a strong indication of its health. Here are the most common symptoms and solutions for coolant leaks. But even before that when my truck was completely stock. I have not used it on an imported vehicle. Without a properly functioning water pump your engine will not be able to nbsp 30 Jan 2015 The leak comes from passenger side of the radiator where the plastic tank is I suspect that without the layer of salt scum any moisture would quot even if you aren 39 t losing coolant turkey baster some out and have the dealer nbsp 13 May 2015 I have a 2009 Charleston with a Cummins ISL 450hp engine rear radiator. I even washed the motor so there s no oil or anything and any leak should be fairly noticeable. Great engines except one of them is going through approximately 1 quart of antifreeze every 5 hours. 7 engine loosing coolant. This type of leak can damage the bearings. Jan 22 2015 I also have a slow coolant leak. It was getting dark so we decided to wait till this morning to check everything. 02 KB SaleBestseller No. I have used this to find a leak in the water pump gasket of a Chevy S10 with V6 Vortec to find a radiator hose leak in a chevy 5. I can run the boat for hours with no loss or after a short run of 40 minutes the stb motor will leak coolant. By having an equal distribution of coolant flow to the rear cylinders of your Cummins engine you can safeguard against excessive heat developing at number 5 and 6 especially. 9L s which had its own Feb 17 2015 2013 peterbilt isx engine cummins losing coolant had it to cummins had egr cooler removed and tested pressure test system still goes down can 39 t see indications of leaks still losing coolant pressure g read more I used this for the coolant leak I have in my head driver side cylinder 3 no it would only leak a little I would have to fill my reserve every 1000 miles after I used this I heard nothing but good about this stuff . I have seen small leaks one or two in the sleeper lines and a couple up front add up to considerable coolant loss. Supplied coolant nbsp Tester In Servicing Cummins ISX After Treatment Injector ATI . Head gaskets don 39 t always leak oil into coolant or coolant into oil. The oil is clean and no water or steam is coming out of the exhaust. I remember reading that it could be a problem with the turbo gaskets or cracks. By a large margin the most common cause for engine overheating is simply a low coolant level. It doesn t seem like you are losing coolant quickly at all so the product should be able to seal the leak with no problem. 5 is an open deck block it will leak into the combustion chamber. Thank you BDP Dieselsite Turbo Boost Leak Detector 3 quot Find Those Hidden Boost Leaks. Our coach in signature with a 400 Cummins and 17k miles left us on the side of the road losing coolant and was towed to Freightliner. Can it be burning the coolant Any ideas will help. 2006 5. Drive pressure will not lift a head. Tymar coolant filter. To those who are car illiterate the words quot blown head gasket quot might not sound so bad. This can be caused by worn leaking injectors or restrictions in the air intake system. 7l and to diagnose a head gasket leak in a chevy 5. Cummins has recently released two TSBs regarding new repair direction when a Customer complaint of coolant in the fuel or fuel in the coolant is determined to be nbsp Anyone have problems with the 6. No leaks never any on the ground. What type of tuning levels are you running with the H amp S Nov 08 2019 Engine Coolant Leaks How To Find Them How Bad Are They Checking your cooling system for engine coolant leaks is easier than you think. Your coolant light might be signs of a more major engine problem. I figured it was burping after the coolant heat exchanger replacement so I added coolant to the reservoir. May 30 2014 10 55pm Text size. This loss was over about a 2 Month period. Since a mixture of air and coolant is insufficient as a heat carrier overheating will result. Customer complaint was severe lack of power and performance on this 05 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 5. She called me this morning and told me the low coolant warning came up on the screen this morning when she started it. No obviuos leaks around turbo or intercooler and like I said no smoke at all driving or under load. Other concern was poor shifting. The reason as usual was that I was still losing coolant with no apparent external leaks no steam coming out the exhaust and a recurring hydrolock issue keeping the engine from starting usually cold starts after sitting overnight . anyways since then i have been smelling coolant through the grill on the passenger side its not strong but it is enough to catch your attention from time to time the truck is not leaking or loosing coolant. Took the truck for a test drive and it hit the cap pressue limit 15 psi . and there are no bubbles in the clear cover the air leak is either at the Fuel Processor outlet fitting vent cap o ring the lift pump inlet connection or the fuel hose connections to the lift pump. Had oil changed today and the oil looked fine no milky coloration I don 39 t have any leaks no discharge from the tailpipe etc. This tool attaches to the top or the radiator or coolant reservoir and enables air pressure to be pumped into the system including the engine block cylinder heads coolant hoses heater core and radiator. my guess was what ever leaked from removing the stock components absorbed Dec 02 2019 No drips no loss of coolant just a smell and I 39 m at almost 40k miles. But it s gotta be going somewhere. The first thing to do would be to check the oil and see if it looks like chocolate milk. Merry Christmas to you all Rick _____ Aug 26 2012 i have a cummins isc 8. Took to the dealer Coolant was indeed low added a little of the mopar coolant and they pressure tested and they said it had no leaks. If neglected long enough it will either leak coolant into the oil or will leak externally. Once the safety margin in the expansion tank is used up air will enter the closed system. There is NO water in the oil and the truck runs fine It has never overheated. I went to a local AutoZone and rented a pressure tester for coolant system. Buy 6. The truck runs fine never overheats no other issues except it pushes coolant out of the overflow bottle on hard pulls. Don 39 t jump to judge there is a cracked head or failing head gasket. Either evaporating from a small leak or flowing out elsewhere in the block. Started truck 2 days ago 4 again there was a squeal like a belt and now Oct 19 2010 It looks like between that plate and the motor coolant is leaking. Most likely loss is the heater core. Raw water and fresh water pumps replaced about 50 hours ago as they both had oil leaks. I turned back home and limped it temperature only went up a few times going uphill but came down quickly. All specifications prices and equipment are subject to change without notice. Any fuel coolant or lubricating oil leaks. When I pulled the exhaust away from the turbo coolant dropped out between the 2. It seemed to leak only while I was driving. Seems that it happened after the EGR delete. If the radiator cap doesn t no longer fits as it initially did or if it is weak and wore out it can cause loss of your systems coolant by way of the overflow tube and it will happen every time you run the engine very long. I hope that remedies my coolant loss symptoms. 5 02 Cummins 24 valve engines and relied solely on diesel fuel as its means of cooling and lubricating vs. with 107 000 miles on the odo. Tucked away at the front of your engine the timing cover is often buried under fans belts pulleys and other components that make it difficult to inspect which means you might not automatically connect it to the puddle you ve found under your vehicle. Between them means the bottom o ring isn 39 t holding the required 20 PSI leading to coolant loss and odor. 7l. Rumor has it the hoses are somewhat porous which is where the smell comes from. 2 qts per 400 miles would not even be noticeable in the dry West other than a coolant smell or maybe slight fogging on a very cold wet morning. The truck is not smoking. I first thought it was the head gasket but it may look more like a coolant loss or plenum problem. no trace at all but I can smell it when I stop somewhere and get out. Dec 21 2015 Hello a coolant leak with no external leaks leads me to believe you might have an internal leak at the head gasket. This electronically controlled rotary style Bosch injection pump was used on all 98. Apr 28 2017 I have a Cummins ISL 400 in a Dutch Star with 60 000 miles. It has a new thermostat. So let s take a look at some possible cooling system trouble spots that may be causing a loss of coolant. Cummins B5. Still not all cooling system problems begin with a catastrophic failure. May 29 2015 Losing coolant on Cummins ISX 400 I added 2 gal of coolant in Vegas and the low coolant light came on again before I got to Brenda Az. We checked under the engine and did not see anything loose no broken hoses or broken clamps. It runs pretty good and the customer says that there is no noticable white smoke from the exaust. . If one spark plug is visibly nbsp P. Oct 08 2018 Listed here are common causes for your coolant to be leaking 1. com Oct 08 2018 Listed here are common causes for your coolant to be leaking 1. Dec 12 2014 When the engine is restarted the cylinder heads and intake manifold expand faster than the cooling system pressurises so no coolant leaks into the oil. A leak can occur anywhere in the cooling system and is usually easy to find as the coolant can often be seen spraying seeping bubbling or dripping from the leaky component. No sign of anti freeze in the oil. For example a CAT 3306 will require more coolant than say a Cummins 4BT. When the lower Y started leaking I ordered 2 to replace them both. You may also have coolant loss as a result of a head gasket leak between the coolant jacket and a cylinder. Head gaskets on a 3. In an effort to resolve the problem I began going through the cooling system piece by piece and correcting anything that appeared to be moist or leaking. Coolant reservoir was low not empty . After a week I got a coolant warning light saying it was low. the P pump found on 94 98 5. Minor leaks that bring about the need to regularly add coolant are likely big problems in the making. CUMMINS COOLANT in CUMMINS ENGINES S E R V I C E U P D A T E S U 1 3 1 5 Blue Bird implemented Fleetguard FLEETCOOL EX as the standard coolant used in Blue Bird buses with Cummins engines in November 2011. When I got back in I checked coolant level and found it four gallons low. Now a couple weeks later coolant is low again and warning light pops up. I added coolant You can buy the head from Cummins for 1 600. Speaking of heat one part of the intake system on a Cummins that is the most restrictive is the intake horn. If some then its lose at the top of the block. I ve had to top off my radiator every few hundred miles. Oct 24 2016 I am stuck in a repair shop dealing with the EGR cooler failure. With advanced timing it gets even worse. Apr 13 2019 If you notice coolant leaking from the engine beneath the exhaust manifold and white smoke coming from your exhaust your vehicle s head gasket is probably blown. could be letting it into the engine where it gets burned without obvious blue smoke out the exhaust. I m not losing any power Oil is clean and no steam or water is coming out of the exhaust. tweet. Feb 02 2020 First post new to the forum. Temp stays OK. Tested to turn on the heat inside at max to see if it would be related to the heater but there is not any coolant smell from inside. Loses about 4 ounces of coolant every two hours running. More often than not when you have an external leak the coolant escapes and your car quickly overheats. Inspect and Aug 20 2020 The Bar s Leaks Oil Leak Additive is a very innovative and efficient product that deals with all difficult to repair seals. For instance not properly Vehicle engine coolant protects automobile engines from overheating in summer and freezing in winter. Cylinder misfire is another sign of head gasket failure especially if the breach is between two cylinders on the same head. Drove home and checked the suv. I don t know much about Diesel engines. For this reason coolant is as important to a vehicle s performance as engine oil. The engine maintains a normal operating temperature throughout the trip even though at some point the expansion tank is empty. Part 2 the find https youtu. But never saw coolant did find coolant stain under engine cover. I ve had to add fluid three or four times in the last 5 000 miles maybe 1 to 1 quart total. Wish I knew for sure. I can not see any place on the engine where it is leaking coolant usually leaves a trace of residue where it is leaking. 7 liter engine coolant leaks are most likely to occur where the hoses connect to the engine. it does not have a cooled egr. From 1999 to 2002 some 100 000 of the 24v ISB engines stamped with the 53 on the crankcase have been known to be bad castings. cummins losing coolant no leaks